ArtHaus was named in the spirit of the Bauhaus school of art, design and architecture. Bauhaus formed unified academies incorporating art colleges, colleges of arts and crafts and schools of architecture, thus promoting closer cooperation. Gropius, founder of the original school closed by Nazi authorities, advocated a co-operation between art, industry and commerce. Bauhaus served as a foundation for uniting artists and schools of thought elevating each to a new level of understanding through association. This unification extended to its teaching programs in which feeling and thinking, intuition and intellect, expression and construction belonged inextricably together. The ArtHaus Foundation furthers these ideals by uniting artists, teachers, students and patrons through its programs. 

   ArtHaus is a small, unique non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing arts education in our local schools and communities by showcasing student art exhibitions, providing Visual Arts education programs, and promoting cultural enrichment for the community.  The folks at ArtHaus believe in the value of art education and the ability of the creative arts to transform our community for the better. Together we strive to instill "the Spirit of Creativity and Self Expression in our Youth & Community."           ArtHaus was incorporated  and received a 501 (c) 3 status in 1996. 
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